Plan : KYM’17 in Erstein

Stade municipal d’Erstein
21 route du Rhin
67150 Erstein
GPS data: 48°24’49.6″N 7°40’02.8″E

Most infos are not yet available…

1 / Timing

2/ Other Infos

A/ Barber / HEM & VOUS

Chanatra (professional barber) will be there to trim your old beards. If you want to be sure to have a spot, don’t hesitate to book your place!

mail : [email protected]

BE CAREFUL, laurent’s english is very, very, very bad!

The barber doesn’t want anything, but you still can give her a little something 🙂

B / Trivole apero tournament


C / Beer race
D/ Payment and money

For the 6th consecutive year, we’ll conveniently keep the “German Model”: I drink, I eat, I put a “|” on my team’s sheet, and I’ll pay the final amount at the end of Sunday. No need to carry a lot of money during the day, and no more back and forth to the tent…

The model will NOT apply during Saturday night party! So you will need some cash. There are no ATMs near the tournament site, therefore, don’t forget to visit a bank before coming!

E/ Eco gesture

As we are all friends of nature, we encourage you to bring your own tools (plates, glasses, etc.) Some specials recycle bins will be there. We have a deposit on the METEOR bottles please don’t THROW THEM AWAY, bring them back to us 🙂

In order to increase everybody’s comfort, we will have two additional ecological dry toilets . We invite you to respect the instructions of use.

F/ Neighborhood & Security

The Erstein stadium is awesome, but unfortunately, it is a public facility. Even if there are no danger the Sesqui crew invite you to leave your valuables in your cars (parked at 200m top).

G / Buvette

We will sell food and beverages non-stop, starting Friday evening. So be ready to taste our FAMOUS “KÄSE SPÄTzLE” at the welcome party! We promise to have enough Spätzle for everyone this year!!!